Best Cosmetic Injectables in Shellharbour

Cosmetic injectables done the Secret Skin care way.

Say goodbye to those unwanted lines and reinvent yourself with the range of high-performing treatments on offer at Secret Skin. Led by one of the best cosmetic injectors in Shellharbour, our clinics can assure you of complete privacy, incredible service and premium, long-lasting results. Our cosmetic injectables offer a safe, non-invasive way to look and feel younger and more comfortable in your skin.

Secret Skin Professional Services you can trust

Luscious and plump your lips

We believe it is your face so it’s your choice. As a result, Secret Skin is just between us.

Safety is a priority at Secret Skin Clinics

Your face is one of your most precious features, and as a result, our cosmetic injectables are only performed by qualified doctors.

girls and boy can both have secret skin care

Secret Skin helps both girls and guys equally with various treatments available for every skin type and concern. With our professional standards, incredible service and personalised touch to our work, it’s safe to say that Secret Skin is the best cosmetic injector in Shellharbour.

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Beauty, reinvented.

From our private secret skin clinic, to a personalised service that promotes you to be your authentic self. We’re here to help you get the skin you want, your way. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance with a non-surgical option, our dermal fillers, threads and non-invasive cosmetic injectables are a great way to avoid going under the knife.

Whatever you choose, we’ll take the time to understand what you need from us at our cosmetic clinic and give expert advice that is tailored to your needs. First, you can relax in our luxurious clinic in Shellharbour and second, you should know that your secret is safe with us.

By blocking certain chemicals in the body that activate your sweat glands, our cosmetic injectables can actively reduce underarm sweating — so you can say goodbye to wet patches once and for all.
Rid yourself of unwanted frown lines both on the forehead and around your mouth with our revolutionary muscle relaxing injections.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Secret Skin clients say:

Why non-invasive anti-ageing techniques are the way to go

A softer touch

Eventually, we all start to feel the burden of increasing age, and many of us don’t feel as though we are ready to let go of our youthful looks just yet. Recent improvements in anti-ageing techniques have presented a wide range of non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic injectables that can rejuvenate skin while perfecting your facial contours.

Many of the options for cosmetic injectables in our Shellharbour clinic require little to no downtime or recovery time after your appointment. The treatments are performed by licensed medical professionals with years of experience, and the natural-looking results can range from subtle to astonishing — depending on your personal preferences.

The non-invasive techniques and cosmetic injectables utilised by Secret Skin are much gentler on your complexion and body than the surgical alternatives. Without enduring a lengthy surgery, our science-backed solutions offer incredible, long-lasting results that won’t disappoint.

Our cosmetic clinic

Located on the South Coast, Secret Skin Shellharbour is a doctor-led and run clinic that is beyond compare. Our beauty treatments are performed by the leading cosmetic injector in Shellharbour, Dr Robert Laidlaw, while experienced professional Ken Harris performs our body sculpting treatments. No matter your concerns, you are sure to find all the services you need in our Shellharbour Secret Skin clinic. 

So, what is the Secret Skin care approach?

The Secret Skin approach is simple.

First, we use only Australian-trained and AHPRA-registered doctors’ expertise for our cosmetic injectables in Shellharbour.

Second, we use only market-leading cosmetic injectables in Australia to deliver the best results.

Finally, our personal, luxurious service is standard, tailoring to your individualised needs.

Why you should choose Secret Skin

The best in the business.

At Secret Skin, our cosmetic clinics are centred around trust, loyalty, discretion and premium service. We understand that your first time with cosmetic injectables can be nerve-wracking, so we only engage the services of Australia’s most highly qualified professionals, who will perform an in-depth facial analysis before patiently talking you through your treatment options.

From your initial consultation to the final result, our team will be by your side to ensure that you have complete access to the best cosmetic injector in Shellharbour with the best products, prices and the latest scientific developments.

The secret of Secret Skin is not just operating highly private clinics but ensuring that our clients are delighted with the natural-looking results they can achieve with our high-performance, science-backed cosmetic injectables in Shellharbour. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with us just as we do every day.

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