What Is a Laser Treatment Clinic, Really?

Are laser treatment clinics special?

Many people assume that the laser treatment clinic are high-tech and cutting edge. However, lasers have been around for a long time. While lasers may be considered new to some areas of the world, they were invented in 1960 – over 50 years ago! Nowadays there is no shortage of lasers on the market, but this doesn’t mean all lasers are created equally. The type of laser used will depend on what you’re trying to achieve: whether it’s hair reduction or permanent hair removal.

Do many clinics use laser in their name?

In short, yes! Including laser in a clinics name infers a sense of modern medical treatment. However, if you have ever visited a clinic that performs hair removal by this means, the first thing you’ll notice is the diffuse odour of burnt off under arm hairs. Not exactly luxurious or enjoyable.

How do we approach things?

We specialise in cosmetic injectables. We only perform anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, fat dissolving and facial threads. Do one thing and do it well we say!

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The laser treatment clinic may be a great place for some, but it is not the best option for all of your skincare needs. At Secret Skin Clinics we offer advanced medical treatments that are designed to give you the best results in less time and with minimal side effects. We have specialists on staff who can help you find an effective treatment plan tailored to suit your individual needs. It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself! Book now at our cosmetic injectables-only clinic where we’ll spend more time addressing your specific concerns, listening closely so we can take steps towards making them disappear once and for all.

What do you think? Do you prefer a clinic that specialises in one thing and does it well? Or do you prefer a one-stop shop that greets you at the door with a burnt pubic hair?

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You won’t smell burnt hair on entering one of the Secret Skin Clinics

Post by Dr Robert Laidlaw

Posted by Dr Robert Laidlaw

Dr Robert Laidlaw proudly owns and operates two boutique cosmetic injectable clinics that offer the latest procedures such as thread lifting, dermal fillers & anti wrinkle treatment.

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