Double Chin Fat Dissolving Injections

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Double chin injections in Sydney

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Are you sick of unsightly double chin fat? Do you feel embarrassed about the way it makes your face look? Are you ashamed to take off your shirt – or worse – to be seen at the beach? If you’ve tried all other diet and exercise strategies but still find yourself with a flabby neck, then Fat Dissolving Injections may be what you need. The best thing is, it’s only a 15-minute procedure! No special diets, no equipment or exercise.

What is a double chin?

Steps to treat

So you want to destroy fat cells under your chin? We all know what they look like, especially if you suffer from one. However, to be clear, they are accumulations of unwanted fat cells to give a more prominent appearance. However, This unwanted fat can also appear under the chin, under your arm, bra straps and inner thighs. Physical activity is critical to burn calories and eat well with low carb diets and protein to feel full.

Can Fat dissolving be treated in-office with a single procedure?

It depends on the look you are trying to achieve and how large your double chin is to begin. So if you are looking for a slight reduction in an already small double chin, then yes, it may be sufficient. Most people that choose this treatment need at least two treatments and sometimes three. For long term satisfaction, we do this with other methods like physical activity.

How permanent is the result in fat dissolving?

This treatment dissolves the unwanted double chin fat permanently! We destroy fat cells so they will never come back. Deoxycholate is one of the active ingredients we inject – a naturally occurring bile salt.  In addition this has other uses like treating fat tumors by dissolving them.

permanent fat dissolve

What can I expect?

So for side effects, expect swelling as the common side effect. In the first 48 hours, patients usually notice maximal swelling of the area. Mainly swelling resolves within a week. As a result, we offer a repeat treatment at a minimum of 6 weeks post your previous treatment.

In conclusion, fat dissolving injections are a permanent solution for losing their double chin fat. We quickly and easily perform this treatment at both of our clinics in Sydney and Shellharbour.

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Post written by the Secret Skin Managing Director, Dr Robert Laidlaw.

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