Dermal Fillers

Create volume and fullness.
dermal filler injections

Lip fillers are important but there are other areas that can be treated.

If you are considering an injectable cosmetic treatment, Dermal fillers improve the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles by plumping up the skin. We inject in various places on your face. Think between eyebrows, lip fillers, or even into folds in the skin that have developed due to ageing. Dermal filler injections are not painful and, in addition, typically take about 10 minutes per area to treat. The results last from six months up to two years, depending on the type of injection you receive.

What actually are dermal fillers?

These days, almost all dermal fillers contain a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). First described in 1934, it is a biopolymer with various uses, from wound healing to neurosurgery. That said, the space around our cells is known as the extracellular matrix (ECM), and this was the site of early research into collagen-like substances.

Back in the 1980’s Bell created the first stable collagen matrix by extracting it from mainly bovine sources. As a result, this discovery was exciting as it was readily available in abundance in animals. Unfortunately, he later learned that its chemistry is species-specific and often lead to inflammatory reactions that caused unsightly granulomas.

To produce HA, take two sugars that undergo a joining reaction to form a long chain molecule. Most importantly, these long-chain molecules dissolve in water, and  consequently we engineer them having varying degrees of linking and chain size.

Dermal fillers at Secret Skin
HA readily dissolves in water [source: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bjps.2007.03.005]

How do dermal fillers work?

One of the hallmarks of ageing is the gradual shrinking of our regular facial fat pads. Meanwhile, our face has a number of these fat pads and consequently gives its natural shape. Likewise, they named beauty contours.

A dermal filler is placed into the dermis to replace or improve natural volume. Filler can add volume to areas of your face that have lost their shape, making them look sunken and haggard. Fillers are also sometimes used to contour features.

Fillers work by adding volume to increase facial fullness and can be often used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections.  Lip fillers are a popular choice by many people and as a result we inject soft lip filler to give plump/full lips.

What are the types of dermal fillers?

HA is the primary filler used today. In the early days of development, collagen extraction is from cows. However, this does not occur now as allergic reactions under the skin form as a consequence.

This dermal filler production uses biodegradable material broken down by the body, causing it to dissolve. Today’s commercial products contain added vitamins and minerals that further enhance rejuvenation and numbing cream; as a result, you’ll not feel pain.

Are there any side effects or risks with dermal fillers?

The primary risk with injecting fillers is that of blocking blood vessels in the face. In rare cases, it can be mistakenly injected into arteries near the injection site and cause changes in your vision.

dissolve fillers fast
Hyalase - an enzyme for dissolving fillers

At Secret Skin, we train all our clinicians in the emergency management of such complications. All our clinics stock an enzyme that will instantly dissolve HA fillers. Importantly, this enzyme, also known as hyalase, we inject into the filler, and it melts away like butter. Above all, safety is a top priority. As a result, you can be assured of safety when receiving your dermal filler with us.

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